A career in the Fiji’s growing capital markets can be challenging and satisfying for those looking for long term career prospects. In this relatively small but growing industry there are opportunities for both undergraduates and postgraduates and those already in the workforce seeking a career change. To explore these opportunities one must demonstrate certain skills and qualifications.

For those who have just graduated with minimal work experience, the entry level jobs are research assistants, research associates, stock broker representative or unit trust representatives. So what are the qualifications and skills required for this type of job?  Ideally as a minimum, you should have a good diploma or degree in finance, accounting, economics, commerce or law. You should demonstrate excellent communication skills and the ability to present yourself well to others and have an immense level of energy and drive.  

Working for a minimum of two to three years in these jobs will assist in providing the grounding and relevant work experience for other opportunities within the industry to advance one’s career. Let’s have a look at some of these opportunities for those interested in starting out a career in Fiji’s capital markets.

Research Assistants

These are the entry level-number crunchers in research departments and usually require little or no industry experience but a good degree will help with the demands of the job. Research assistants usually perform tasks such collating information, editing and formatting reports. They are also sometimes required to assist in extracting and inputting data for modeling using spreadsheets.

Research Associates/Analysts

A research associate will be required to have good number crunching and analytical skills. Compiling and analyzing statistics, as well as assisting in the preparation of reports for both internal and external use of the organization.

Stock Broker Representative

Again this can be an entry level job; however one will need to be licensed from the Capital Markets Development Authority (CMDA) to act as a stock broker representative. The stock broker representative will take orders from clients to buy and sell securities, execute transactions from the trading floor of the
Stock Exchange, ensure that clients have the necessary documentation to deliver valid transfer documents, maintain proper records, prepare research reports and advise clients on possible investments.

Unit Trust Representative

A unit trust representative will need to be licensed by the CMDA and will be responsible for marketing and selling the unit trust for which they are licensed. A unit trust representative will be required to advise clients and ensure that the products they have recommended are suitable for the clients’ investment needs and objectives. They need to maintain proper records and also attend to administrative functions like responding to enquiries and complaints from clients and prospective investors.

Compliance Officer

Because the capital markets are a regulated industry, there is a need for the intermediaries and their employees to work within the regulatory framework enacted for the industry. A compliance officer will be responsible for ensuring that the organization complies with the relevant laws, rules and regulations, reporting and documenting all transactions and enquiries and taking appropriate action.

If you are interested in starting off a career in the capital markets an important qualification to obtain is the “Securities Licensing Examination Course “. This three month self study course is available locally and is offered by the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (finsia) and provides candidates with an industry specific qualification. This qualification will partially satisfy the academic requirements for a license for a broker or unit trust representative.

To find out more, visit or or contact CMDA on telephone 3304944, facsimile 3312 021 or email